With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, the highly skilled craftsmen at Calvin A. West Construction, specialize in a wide range of construction and remodeling services including:

  • services ServicesSwimming Pools – Installing a swimming pool in your home requires an expert that understands several aspect of construction, including concrete pouring, plumbing, and excavation to name a few. Calvin A. West Construction is capable of completing every stage of your swimming pool construction.
  • Swimming Pool Repair & Leak Detection – If you have an existing swimming pool, we can inspect it. We’ll detect any leaks, and then make suggestions for swimming pool repair if we notice anything is wrong.
  • Restoration – Do you have an older home that could use a face life? Calvin A. West Construction offers room remodeling and restoration services to modernize your home.
  • Sealing & Cleaning
  • Maintenance – Get your general maintenance done by a team of expert contractors! We’ll help you keep your home in good shape.
  • Brick – Brick is a sturdy material that is great for walkways as well as siding. We recommend brick to clients that are looking for a highly durable, low maintenance material for their home.
  • Concrete – Concrete pouring for foundations, driveways, even walls is a vital aspect to any home or business. Calvin A. West has decades of experience when it comes to pouring concrete.
  • Pumice – Using stone in your construction is another great option, and pumice is a wonder material for sturdy construction.
  • Construction – If you’re in the market for new home construction, or you want to add onto your home, Calvin A. West can help you accomplish your goals.
  • Remodeling – Do you have a kitchen or bathroom that needs to be redone? We can update all the components of that room to make it brand new.